We made a list of questions that we usually receive and provided answers to them. Here's what they say

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What are you doing differently than the rest?

We have a wide range of different services nobody else offers in this way: personalized, customized training plan for 16 weeks, perfect acclimatisation plan = we leave the normal path that leads from Lukla – Namche Bazar – Tengboche – Everest Basecamp. Instead, we choose a different approach and go climbing a few other peaks. While others start their acclimatisation process for the summit in Everest Basecamp, we are already well acclimatized as we have climbed up to 7200m before = height of camp 3!

For German, Austrian and Swiss guests, it is even possible to use hypoxic tents to sleep in for 8 weeks prior departure. So our guests are already acclimatized up to 6300m, which means height of camp 2 on Everest!

There are many agencies offering Everest. Why should I join safe8848?

Indeed, it is very tricky to tell which agencies are good, which are excellent and which are not so good. we have an excellent team of very experienced Everest leader and climbers. Many have lead on Everest for several years, reached the summit many times. One of our guides has climbed Everest 12 times.

So we know very well how business on Everest works. Joining safe8848, our guests can be sure to have pick one of the best and most successful teams. Luckily, and we hope and do everything so it remains, have not had any severe accident so far.

Where do you get your hypoxic tents from?

We have a strong and deep partnership with our friend Gerrit Glomser. He runs Gairrit and is an expert in hypoxic training. Under his guidance, we can benefit from his work and scientific knowledge to improve our acclimatisation process and therefore reduce the risk of getting sick on the mountain. So we increase safety.

What is the focus of your trips?

We do a lot for the success of our guests. Our trips do not start in Nepal, they start at home for every guest. We guide them to be well training and have the best chances. However, we focus on safety and therefor, there is no ‘all in’ on our trips.

What does your price include?

In our price, there are many services included, ex. customized training plan, many bottles of oxygen, one guide and one sherpa for each client while on Everest, gear in very good condition, comfortable accommodation in Everest basecamp such as seats, tables in dining tent and many more. The regular price for 2019 is 87,450 USD, for 2020 we offer 10% reduction which makes it 78705 USD.

What are the physical requirements?

You need to be in very good shape, very good physical endurance is recommended. climbing grade V with boots and crampons, experienced in high altitude. Experience on a 7000m peak before joining Everest is highly recommended.

Do I need to have experience on a 7000m or 8000m peak before joining safe8848?

Not necessary but it is highly recommended to have experience on 7000m or more. Get in contact with us if you have experience on other peaks.

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