Giving back to the community

With our frequent visits, we have made many new friends. We created a bond with the local community, and it is important that you help them by engaging with them.



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THE INITIATIVES: Biking for Schoolx

We raised money with a 88.48km biking event in Switzerland and did made pencils of cherry tree wood ourselves. Using techniques for carving wood, we create unique pieces which we then sell and all proceeds go directly and fully 100% into the local Nepal charity.

Our team has been working with a school in the village Tashi Goan in Makalu area and other villages in Nepal for some years now. In October, 2018, we carried and delivered 80kg of goods (clothes for children, toys, pencils, drawing books, 50 kettles, 25 medicine packs, and other necessities) in the Langtang Valley.

“Charity is not only about the passing on of goods from one to the other – it is also and mainly about warm interactions with unknown people that last a lifetime and cause a never-ending, hopeful feeling of joy to all. I am always overwhelmed by the astonishing reactions of those I can give some goods to. Nobody estimates nor can read my mind, but I always feel like I am the one who takes!”

We will continue working with the local community and are always looking for other partners to join us in this cause. Do contact us if you are interested in this project.

Pascal Manetsch, Founder of Safe8848.


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