Get prepared faster, safer, and better.

move faster on the mountain up to 6500m (this is how high we can per-acclimatize), and spend less time on the mountain, which also leads to a reduction of time in danger

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We acclimatize differently: both at home and by climbing other mountains. All our trekking and climbing itineraries take care a lot about your perfect acclimatization. Everyone has different needs and each body reacts different on height – but we have well structures and proven plan to acclimatize, increasing your safety. With our program, teams who reach Mt. Everest base camp, are already acclimatized – contrary to other methods!

This is also what makes us unique – and increases your safety massively!

We also offer hypoxic tents for Swiss, Austrian and German clients for 8 weeks prior to departure, which will acclimatize you up to max. 6500m, which is the same height as Camp 2. The whole process lasts for roughly 7-14 days, but we will then be on higher mountains already so we can continue the acclimatisation process from a much higher level.

For other countries, we provide a similar system as far available.  

The Swiss camp in the Alps will be in the summer before the expedition the next spring.






This is a team event. In the Alps, we go climbing on 4000m peaks, hang out with the team, learn new techniques (ropes, material, gear), ice axes, crampons and much more.

You will spend 7 days with a Nepali mountain guide UIAGM.

This is an optional event, but we encouraged to participate in such camps.





You will receive a customized training plan, based on your individual needs. Specific muscle development, exercises for power and endurance, and a lot more are covered in these plans. We want you to be fit and well trained to undergo this tough expedition - we want you to be safe.


First, we need to get to know your physical abilities. Then, we will structure a training plan together - one that fits you and your needs.


You follow the training plan, work hard, and you will not be disappointed by the results. Of course, we will be available to help you with your training routine.

Progress monitoring

For every training milestone that you reach, we will compare it with our set-goals. If you need more work on your arms, we will add more exercises for arms. Again, we will monitor your progress and provide feedback and make the necessary adjustments so that you are prepared for the tough challenge ahead.

Mountain Everest Climbing


As part of the preparation process, we will guide you through the world of nutrition. We know which foods are good for this type of expedition and which are not. You will receive strength-building recipes and tips on eating while climbing on a regular basis.